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The Who's Who Page !


Ken Reeves

A Blaby lad, Singer in studio and bands 1964 to 1977. Company Director, Club founder,

 Obsessive Birder & Twitcher since 1977 with over 527 BOU species in the UK !

Ken's health has not been the best over the last few years but he never gives up as the clubs 

dedicated travel organiser and guide. 

He also has a wicked sense of humour that he has used on many occasions and is also one of

Swarovski Optik's greatest ambassadors !  NG


Fred ( Hawkeye )Burton & Linda Burton

Engineer born in the Borough into a large family. Renowned as an

 excellent footballer and keen sportsman. Fred and his wife Linda are

 keen birders supporting most of the trips . His super eyesight is our biggest

 asset on field trips and holidays.


Brian & Sue Pollard

Londoner Brian is my resident photographer and second driver he is also a thoroughly nice guy.

Along with his wife Sue they make a formidable team. Sue's health

is not so good now so Brian is now spending all his time with her . They both now live in Welshpool.