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Latest pictures from our fantastic trips ! 













Juvenile Peregrine on an industrial estate in a town centre

 in Wales. It was taken handheld from 400 mts

 There were also three other lively young !



  Lunchtime in the Pyrenees! Burbage Birders

 take a break after locating a White Backed Woodpecker. 

 Pic by Bern Gibney






Whimbrel & more Whimbrel !

 But where is the Curlew?

  Malc Almey & Alma Peasegood

 finding themselves too short on the 

 Rio Formosa Portugal 2014

 Pic by Ken R.



  Don't you dare come into my territory, or else ! 

  Two male Ouzel sorting it out on the Cairngorms. 

  (Brian Pollard )







 Great views of Spotless Starling, Serin and Pallid Swift

 from my balcony at the Hotel Alcazar in Monte Gordo








Just back from Spain and already giving us 

 this great shot of a Booted Eagle !

 But what species is it carrying ??

 Well done Mr Pollard !










The Devon Penduline Tit.

  David Carr again!








  Now you can see the difference .

 Another excellent action picture from   

  David Carr

 This is the Hudsonian Godwit from Somerset.






Back from his trip to SA and on the shutter!

 Welcome back Brian Pollard.

 Redwing in his garden today








Four Spot Chaser.

 Lakenheath 24th. 

 With five club members

 Ken R Picture.







 Lesser Whitethroat ...and a ring bearer !

 Middleton Lakes RSPB singing to us.

Picture by Dave Mason


   Leaving Mull 2017



 Go for it Boy !

 Sedge Warbler back at Middleton RSPB

on the Sunday morning club walk.


                                                                                            Bearded Tit 


Great place Leicestershire. 

Just another of our ,must see, locations ... get up there and visit !

 Warren Hills and the Yellowhammer are waiting.







On the Isle of Lunga with the Puffins and

 12 members of Burbagebirders.










 Red Throated Diver on the nest at Orkney



The Titchwell Song Thrush 12/08/17  Ken R



I hope this superb picture , taken at Chanory point yesterday morning ,

09/07/17 by Alister Kemp, brings back memories of the thirteen 

Burbagebirders Club visit in 2016. Thanks Alister !


Great today to see the three Butterflies that always seem to fly together !

Ringlet, Meadow Brown and the best looking one .... the male Gatekeeper below.


Black Headed Gull upset with the Titchwell Little Gull!

A welcome return to Brian Pollards pictures !



 I'm sure this little beauty is on it's way to Scilly  

 in the next few weeks.

 My friends house in  Framingham Mass had 

 them sitting on the garage roof.

 A Brian Pollard Picture













This picture taken in Brian's garden.

 Keep them coming Sir














Such a shame ... These two deceased 

Waxwings were found on Morrisons Car Park

 in Hinckley by Mrs Bursnell on her shopping visit

 to the supermarket today 12/03/17 ! 














Spot the Little Owl !

 Shot ,and nearly missed , with my Canon !

 Eyebrook Reservoir.










Another great shot from David Carr!

 Short Toed Eagle in Sussex.










This illusive wader on the "Brides" at the 

 end of October please ! 

 A Derek Evans picture.



Ivory Gull David Carr  (14)










Off my perch !! This Common Tern wants 

 the visiting Whimbrel to give it back !!

 Picture by Brian Pollard with his brother Martin

 at Horsham Reserve













t's all action once again from Brian Pollard.

 This time a very annoyed Kingfisher is attacking

 a Common Snipe at Brian's local pond in Welshpool









t's not very often you get a chance to meet up with

 the magnificent  Yellow Billed Cuckoo.

 So it was a real bonus to be  off the Scilly Isles on 

 the same day it arrived in Porthgwarra

 only 15 mins from St Just airport.

 Thanks once again to David Carr for the picture !


Masked Shrike at Kilnsea.

 Seen by the famous five + one burbagebirders !

 on a Last Minute Birding day to Spurn.

 Picture by our "eye to the sky"  roving camera man

 David Carr.





And here it is the fantastic Bridled Tern

 Somebody on the boat asked me if they 

 would be able to ID  it !

 Well !!!!!! 

 Picture is copyright and reproduced with 

 permission from Frank Golding   



  What a cracker of a warbler in Durham.

 This picture of the Myrtle Warbler was taken

 by our roving camera man. David Carr









 Male Pied Flycatcher pictured by Brian Pollard

 at Lake Vyrnwy ( note the ring )

 Great to see you back on the lens Brian.











Rufus Tailed Rock Thrush.

 Taken in the Pyrenees by Ken R !









One of the many spectacular views

 on our trip in the Pyrenees









  The "Dungie" Black Winged Stilt.

  David Carr Again !!








   Excellent shot of a "Ring O" from Brian Pollard.












 At last the Autumn migration is in full swing

 with this Picture of a Black Redstart from David Carr

 The East coast from Shetland to Suffolk has seen 

 some great birds.





This magnificent Mandarin was showing off at

 Cannop Pond for David Carr.








  Whooper embracing all at Coed y dinas . 

  Brian Pollards fault !







  Just a few of the 16800 Barnie's on Islay during

  our trip in November 2012. Memories of them

 taking to the air in the early morning will remain 

with us forever. Brian Pollard again.





 Northern Wheatear caught in flight on Great Bernara

 off the coast of North Harris on our 2011 tour of the

 Outer Hebrides Picture by David ( pick a seat ) Carr







  Montague's Harrier juvenile on a Barley field in

 north Norfolk. This pair successfully raised two young

 and it's now our hope they return next year'

. Picture by David Carr













 O2 be in London birding, and  that's what we did.

 Ten members on the Thames at East India Basin

 enjoying the birdlife in the big city.

 Not only that but the Fabulous "Jersey Boys" at 

 the Prince Edward Theatre. 

 Picture Brian Pollard



 8 Portugal Pics












Great house but not sure about the plastic bag.

 Now you can tell Stork from butter !!







 This delightful Spanish Sparrow was taken

 by Brian Pollard nesting in a Storks nest on 

 Stork Alley near Mertola.








 Purple Swamp Hen at Quinto De Largo golf course

 After the rain we had on Thursday  this must be on

  the 3rd hole.









 Across the bridge to Spain from Portugal

 Walking back to the Minibus after crippling

 views of Spectacled Warbler.








 I'ts him again ! The Bustards are behind you Geoff.









 Roller and Roller in Castro Verde Portugal










 This picture on North Uist by Brian Pollard .

Shows Geoff Busby looking like he knows what he's doing !!!  







 No excuses for getting the ID wrong on this classic

 shot of a Rough Legged Buzzard taken by David Carr

 at Gedling Pit Top Nott's







 Another heron species from David Carr. 

 He's just got to stop stalking herons through Attenborough

 Somebody please tell him to get some good wader shots!!

 And this of course is the recent Squacco Heron that graced

 the Nottingham  reserve.





Corncrake calling on Iona in May 2010

Probably calling me for making too much noise!

Picture by David Carr







  This super shot of a Bearded Tit was taken by

 David Carr on his one day leading into two days

 birding around Norfolk.

 Pity you went home David . 






 Let's face it this picture of a Bohemian Waxwing

  in Brian Pollards garden just had to be on this

 page. There has been a massive influx of  this

 fantastic bird over the last month. I have seen

 four at Fosse Meadows, three in Market Bosworth

 and seventeen at Walsall car auctions. Perhaps

 looking for  a cheap car to get home !!




Dalmatian Pelican flying over Mandra Lake

 in Bourgas Bulgaria on our recent birding

 holiday. Picture by Brian Pollard







This is a classic shot of our favourite winter thrush

 the Redwing. Very big numbers are in the UK at this

time devouring our berries.

 Picture by Brian Pollard with his brother Martin in







This fantastic picture of a Killer Whale was taken by

David & Joan Carmen on their recent birding trip to

the west coast of America.







This picture of a Limpkin was taken by Derek Evans 

 in Southport Park Florida during our 2007 tour. The

 snack being devoured is of course an Apple Snail.  12

Burbagebirders  enjoyed this very successful trip .





Burrowing Owl taken on Marco Florida by myself

at dusk










Derek Evans with the beehive donated by ourselves

Derek is here showing his talent for joined up writing!








This great shot of a male Bullfinch was taken by Brian Pollard

 in his garden at Welshpool








Swamp Hen  Corkscrew Swamp 2010










Burrowing Owl   Marco Island 2010










Northern Cardinal 2010









Red Shouldered Hawk 2010









 Reddish Egret 2010














Redpoll in winter














 Wilsons Plover in Florida 2008











This picture of a Reed Warbler was taken by Brian Pollard in

Welshpool during 2008.

A weekend in Wales is being arranged in 2009 .Included

will be a trip to Skolkholm & Skomer plus a day on Ramsey 

             Contact me now if you're Interested !!













Common Grackle ( Eastern ) Brinson Park FL 2008











Wood Stork  Brinson Park FL 2008












The illusive Grey Catbird Great Meadow FL 2008











Blue Jay at Seabrook N/H  Autumn 2008
















Common Yellowthroat taken @ Seabrook N/H 2008